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Do NOT Pay For a Cell Phone Lookup

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What you need to know before you conduct a cell phone lookup

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"Are you going to run a cell phone lookup? This is absolutely critical, for you to

be aware of, BEFORE you run ANY kind of reverse cell phone look up online..."

We have tested 45 different cell phone lookup and reverse cell phone lookup services online. Only 7 of them passed our test in all areas. Here are the top three (3) reverse cell phone lookup services online, that we feel absolutely confident recommending to you. If you want all the details on HOW we conducted this test. You can look here: Full details on "The Test" - Cell Phone Lookup Services Tried and Tested

Top Three (3) Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services Online
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98% Accuracy Score, Fast Service, Delivers everything they claim, holds more than 1 billion records...

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91% Accuracy Score, Specializes In Reverse Cell Phone Lookups, Fast Service, comes in good second place...

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84% Accuracy Score On Cell Phone Lookups, more services than just phone numbers,
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Is it possible to do a Cell Phone Lookup for FREE?

Let me help you with your reverse cell phone lookup.

Let me also tell you about The Test
45 databases and services tried and tested.

Here are some of the questions I am going to answer for you (you can click on each question if you are in a hurry):

free cell phone lookup optionHow to reverse search and perform a cell phone lookup for free

paid reverse phone lookup servicesWhy do I have to use a paid cell phone lookup service at all?

reverse cell phone lookup recommendationsIf I am going to reverse search a phone number using a paid service, what do you recommend and why?

the test of cell phone directoryThe Test - Databases and cell phone directories tested

In addition to answering these questions, I am going to show you results of a test I did on pretty much every reverse cell phone provider and database online.

The results I am going to share with you came out quite different from what I thought.

For example, from 45 databases tested, there were only 7 of them that passed our test in all areas.

I´ll show you more below

I´ve been a private investigator for many years and I´ve had good use for many different online tools, some of them when I conduct a mobile phone lookup.

It´s pretty common that people need help finding out if their spouse is cheating on them. Sometimes I help people in their search for a missing person.
People rarely hire me to reverse a cell phone number. I use several online tools in my work though to get the results I want. I am completely dependant of them.

Whatever it is you need to find, the tools are right here, and you can get started within minutes.

You can find out if your neighbour has a criminal record, you can find a phone number for an old friend or just find name and address to ANY cell phone number.

Let me start by answering this question:How to reverse search and perform a cell phone lookup for free

There are rumours online that you can reverse search phone numbers free of charge. For several years Google gave you access to their phonebook of residential numbers for free. They have taken that service down because of the violation of the personal integrity.
The US government also decided that integrity is more important to US citizens than giving people public access to personal information for free.

One can argue one way or the other but for now, this is how the law looks like and we have to adjust accordingly in the best way we can.

There´s a very small chance that you can reverse search a landline number using nothing but Google. I am going to show you ho though.

A couple of years ago you could write something like this in Google:

Phonebook: 123 456 7890

You can´t use this “phonebook” feature anymore, but you can still use Google as a search engine for phone numbers and in rare cases cell phone numbers.

Just go to Google.com and enter a ten digit number including area code.
Look at the results you get and browse through 40 pages or so.
If you don´t find anything, you can try writing the phone number without spaces and you can also try hyphens between the numbers, like this:


There are even more things to try, include the international area code with the number.
Let´s use UK as an example, UK have 0044 as their international code.
You have a cell phone number starting with 123, put this into Google:

0044 123 456 7890 OR +44 123 456 7890

You can apply this very logic with US numbers, just switch the international code to the one are interested in, be creative.

When you perform a reverse cell phone lookup using these tactics, you may get lucky, because the person you are looking for may have a precence on the web or running a business in imports and exports, or being an employee of a company that lists their personnel online.
Running a cell phone lookup like this is time consuming but also quite fun because you can get surprising results and sometimes find information you weren´t looking for in the first place.

Why do I have to use a paid cell phone lookup service at all?

It´s hard to find cell phone numbers for free these days, so to get reliable information the option is to turn to paid databases.

I still use search engines to find information, but seldom to reverse a cell phone number or perform a lookup of any kind.

It takes too much time and to be honest with you, you have to be quite lucky to find the information you really want.

Fortunately you aren´t entirerly locked out from doing research online, all good services are paid ones though.

Today I use nothing but paid reverse cell phone lookup databases. If you use a good one, results are quick and reliable. They usually save a lot of time.

If you want to reverse search any kind of number like an unlisted number or a cell phone number there are only paid services out there, actually a lot of them, some of them are really bad, some are OK and some are really good and reliable for almost any search.

If I am going to reverse search a phone number using a paid service, what do you recommend and why?

How to reverse cell phone lookup...

Since I needed a really good and reliable online investigation service I made a test myself to find the very best of them all.

You can read more about the test on this website and how we did it.
If you want a short and quick version, you can click any headline, further down, on the right side of this page, or you can stay here and read more about it.

Here´s a link to jump further down the page to “The Test”

If you want to find out more about each service, or perform a test-search you can follow these links:

reverse phone lookup top choice#1 – Top Choice

reverse phone lookup second choice#2 – Second Choice

reverse phone lookup third choice#3 – Third Choice


These are all related to cell phone directory

You are allowed to search for as many cell phone numbers you like, directly on this website, you can use the box at the top of the page. This search is connected to the very best reverse cell phone lookup database I could find. It´s not the chepest service, but it´s the best one according to my test.

There´s a 4 day trial period so you can try the database. If you don´t like it you can cancel anytime .
After the 4 day trial you´ll be billed monthly.

My second recommendation has two options, you can buy a single report or you can sign up for 1 year full access.
Even though this is my second recommendation it´s still a very good service that will serve you well in most cases.

So, how did I come to this conclusion?

The Test - of cell phone lookup directories

The background for this is that I needed to reverse cell phone numbers. I usually had a limited timeframe and most of all. I needed reliable results over and over again.

After using 3-4 different reverse phone lookup databases I started to notice huge differences between them. I sometimes searched for a number and then paid for it, what do you think I got?

I paid $37 for finding out name and carrier used….

No address

Most of the times it´s critical to find out at least, name, state and address for a certain cell phone number.

There were times when I actually got completely wrong information. Yes, I got name, state and address, but it had nothing to do with the cell phone number I was trying to reverse. I didn´t notice this at first, of course, but when I took the information they gave me and started to investigate it further and use it. It was completely false and led me in the wrong direction.

This led me to the decision to test all private investigation tools finding the very best one. I realized this would save me time in the long run.

What I didn´t realize at that point though, was how expensive this was going to get.

I decided to share this with you though, so you don´t have to waste your time and money being scammed by online tools that talks the talk but do NOT walk the walk.

I wanted to do this test as thourough as possible, so I started with a big list of all reverse cell phone lookup databases and related tools I could find.

I wanted to test each and every database for these categories:

reverse cell phonelookup numbers Reverse cell phone lookup numbers
unlisted numbers Unlisted numbers
residential numbers Residential numbers
commercial numbers Commercial numbers
pagers Pagers
Toll free numbers Toll free numbers

I have a friend who works as a mathematician. I asked him to help me develop a formula to test the above criterias in the very best way, getting a statistical accurate reading that would help me decide the best service to use.

When putting all the data in his formula I got an accuracy score rating from
zero to one hundred percent (0-100%), particularly designed for the categories above.

100% = everything tested is completely accurate
0% = nothing tested is accurate

The best accuracy score we could get from this test was 98%.
That means this service gave us accurate results for everything we tried with just some less important information missing a couple of times.

From the beginning there were 45 different cell phone lookup databases we wanted to test. I have added several more after that.

When running the test I actually had to use one database at a time, running reports for all the categories above including a reverse cell lookup.

I gathered a list of about 170 confirmed numbers I wanted to run with each service, meaning:

170 cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers, residential numbers, commercial numbers and so on for EACH service…

When applicable I ran single reports as well as becoming a monthly or yearly member of each service.

The basic test of these sites took me almost six weeks to complete. It was a lot of work and way more expensive than I could imagine.
Fortunately many of these sites have monthly or yearly membeships so I could run as many numbers I like for a certain period of time.
It would have been way more expensive if I had to run single reports for each number.

This test alone did cost me about $1000, and if I had to run single reports for everything the cost would probably have been at least $10 000 since I ran close to 8000 numbers.

Here are some of the quite shocking results I found

74% of the service providers we tested did NOT deliver what they promised.
There were many cases when I ran a reverse phone lookup and all I got back was the name…

Some times just the first name…

According to the “teaser” report I got, they promised me, name and address…

38% of the reverse phone number databases we tested did only deliver “possible” first names that they paired with an outdated address or just an incorrect one.

In many cases a digital phonebook with search functionality would have been more effective than their “service”.

I DO have some GOOD news though

I found 7 services that delivered quality over and over again.
They were clearly above competition.

I made this website to be able to give you the top three reverse phone number look up services of my findings.
I am sure you´ll get really good and quick results over and over again using any of these three.

Here are the top three:

reverse phone lookup top choice #1 – Top Choice

reverse phone lookup second choice #2 – Second Choice

reverse phone lookup third choice#3 – Third Choice


If you want to search for a cell phone number and reverse it. You can go to the top of this page and use the search box. It will take you straight to the results.
A cell phone lookup can be tricky but with the right tools it´s a piece of cake.

Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment if you have a question

I hope you find what you are looking for

Have a great day

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